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    twelve hand that shows unity and explaining collaboration is everything

    Twelve hand that shows Wealthy Affiliate Success Unity Collaboration

    I’ve wasted far too much money signing up for “Stuff” and never really following through. I think every entrepreneur/opportunity seeker experiences this. That’s why I know that by following my own 13 Success Principles getting Rich is inevitable. How and why is that? Because Success and Getting Rich is a Science. It’s not luck.

    “God does not play dice” Albert Einstein

    Here are 3 of the Principles I am applying to my Wealthy Affiliate Success:

    1: DESIRE – find out what is driving you and make that your primary obsession. I do mean OBSESSION. Why? Because when something gets so ingrained in your mind that it’s what you think about when you wake up in the morning and are making plans for its acquisition before you go to sleep at night you won’t stop until you get it.

    2: FOCUS – unfocused desire is what leads to wasting money on “Stuff” you think will get you there. What I’ve learned in my brief time with Wealthy Affiliate is that highly focused keyword niche marketing is what brings in leads. I’ve decided to focus on a very motivated segment that has the money to spend and looking for opportunities. Retiring baby boomers in a specific field, specific age, specific geography… The more specific the better. Then all of my posts will be speaking directly to them, which actually turns out to be me! LOL as it turns out, I’m marketing to myself!

    3: MASTERMIND – nobody ever achieved any level of real success entirely on their own. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and being open to suggestions is key. Andrew Carnegie attributed all of his wealth to his Mastermind. The Wealthy Affiliate Community is one of the largest Mastermind groups I have ever come across. It was the deciding factor in me participating. I would have gone premium just for the training, web hosting… But to commit to this community on this level says something. I am Proud to be an Affiliate Success!


  • Free Affiliate Marketing Really??

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    I became interested in free affiliate marketing when a friend of mine said he nets over $6,000 a month in affiliate sales. The thing is that he’s not really an affiliate marketer. Not a professional anyway. He simply has a “Resources” page on his website with links to other peoples stuff. He also sells his stuff through other affiliate marketers. I have no idea how much he brings in from that exposure but…



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    What if I approached the affiliate marketing business as a profession? I mean instead of just adding a “Resources” page to my website why not learn how people are making money with affiliate marketing? And if I can learn how they do it maybe I could apply it to my existing business and who knows……





    A girl brainstorm to build a Free Affiliate MarketingAnd that’s a fact. I teach this stuff! If you follow a few Universal Principles like Focus, Desire, Faith and Discipline just about anyone can get Rich. You have to put in the footwork. It doesn’t just happen. It could take years but those Tenacious enough to see it through Succeed and get Rich. Why not me?




    The principles have been working for me! I was just to close to the situation to see it. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that I came A man thinking for free affiliate marketing tipsacross during my own process. I put myself on this path by following the Principles laid out by Napoleon Hill, the creator of the entire Success industry as far as I’m concerned. Hill himself went through many of his own trials and tribulations. Why would he be exempt from the same pain and suffering we all experience. If you read about him you will see that he was so busy studying and writing about the success that he sort of forgot to apply the principles to his own situations. Principles that would help hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people find their own version of success.



    A two hand and build a puzzle to make unite and do affiliate marketing tipsThe fact is that no matter what kind of business you’re in you can do a lot better when you’re on the web. The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides all the tools, support and community anyone could need to be on the web, in a BIG way!





    You don’t have to take my word for it, check it out for free yourself here Wealthy Affiliate . I A business man thumbs up about the retirement solution successthink that if you are really serious about being Successful free affiliate marketing websites then you NEED to check out the tools and support available. As always I welcome all comments and suggestions as well as an open invite to visit me at www.bedrockbusinessbuilders.com and request a free chat. http://www.timewithjoe.com/







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