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I have never done a product review but part of the training I've gotten from Wealthy Affiliate has shown me that they can be powerful and I can understand why. After buying a few items from Amazon it occurred to me that I don't buy ANYTHING without checking out the reviews. The more reviews the better. I believe that it's one of those things the internet has done to help level the playing field, all to the consumer's benefit. Who wudda thought that when TBL (Tim Berners-Lee) created the World Wide Web this would result. It's not like he woke up one day and said: "I think this platform would be great for product reviews that will keep everyone a little more transparent"... Technology, innovation, breakthroughs...often lead to unexpected positive results, not always what was intended. I believe that it's usually the result of hard work, tenacity, and teamwork that lead to "other benefits". "Tang" was the result of the space program creating a way for astronauts to eat in space. It's hard to keep OJ fresh so they came up with this powdered drink. It's not around anymore but it was big at the time.  That's why the effort is so important and let me tell you, Kyle and Carson, the guys that started Wealthy Affiliate probably had no idea what good they were creating. Or did they? That's an interview I will have to do when I meet them in Las Vegas.


That's a great question! That's how I found Wealthy Affiliate. I was interested in the affiliate marketing business because a friend of mine planted a seed a long time ago. He was making, at the time over $6,000 a month from affiliate sales. That's from people going to his website and ordering domains from Godaddy, Hotels.com, hostgator.com and a bunch of others including people he has close personal relationships with. The thing is that affiliate marketing is not his business. He simply has a resources page on his website. He makes money writing, speaking, doing events...The affiliate thing is just gravy for him. A no-brainer. Why? He only sends people to places he uses. If someone called him and said "hey, where should I buy a domain?? he would send them to Godaddy. Other than the setup there's no work involved. He just drives people to his website. That's the key! Driving people to your website. They click, buy and you earn a small "finders fee". You can sell other peoples products or have other people sell your products. That's it! But how do you do it and do it well? That's how I wound up at Wealthy Affiliate. I was doing research and they had a FREE and SIMPLE plan which also said "No Credit Card Required"


There is so much free information out there why would I sign up for a paid service? I also hate giving my credit card for a "Free Trial" for the simple reason that I will forget about it and get charged. Ever happen to you? So all I was really interested in was learning about doing affiliate marketing intelligently, possibly making it my retirement vehicle. Retirement is another story but if you're reading this you probably already know what I'm saying.

"If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree I would spend 6 hours sharpening the blade" Abraham Lincoln

Training was of utmost importance to me so just look at this:

The Education and Wealthy Affiliate teaching how to create successful long-term business

And the training was excellent. Videos, articles and best of all a community! One of my principles of success is the Mastermind concept and there are literally hundreds of thousands of like-minded people all interested in 1 thing, helping each other succeed in affiliate marketing.

The most helpful community in the world period is to build a business online

And the community is awesome but I still wasn't shelling out $$$$ no matter how inexpensive. I was getting all of this for free. Literally, live access via a live feed. I asked questions and usually got a response in a few minutes, no matter what time it was. Then I came across some of the premium features that were included. I skipped over them originally because I'm not interested. Hosting was included. Up to 25 sites and it included stuff like instant website support, secure server status.... a lot more stuff then I was getting from Godaddy and I was paying them $40 a month. I'm a CPA so I can do some calculates in my head and it dawned on me that if I went premium and paid on the annual plan I would save $120 a year in hosting. Another no-brainer.


A man plus Premium explaining The Amazing you're Premium

I'm not done yet! Premium unlock a whole new world of business opportunities for me. Wealthy Affiliate is a real as they come. Kyle, Carson and the other hundreds of thousands of members have truly created something special.


True Story

I strongly believe in mentorship so I reached out to Kyle and a few of the top people to see if I could hire someone from their crew. The pat answer was, the community will help you. I have Kyle, the #1 guy giving me advice directly. He has hundreds of thousands of members and he said he would help me anytime I have a question. How awesome is that? I can't even find someone to pay to help me, it's all included!


Bottom line is that if you have a website, blog, Facebook page, twitter... If you're on the internet or just actually talk to people you should be doing affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing programs and if you're doing affiliate marketing you should join Wealthy Affiliate. It's Free and there is no credit card required.