Retire free from fear by taking control. I will show you how you can quickly start a business and get immediate tax write-offs. That's right, the minute you begin to do business you can, and should start deducting. What that does is free up some of those tax dollars your sending to Uncle Sam.

I've been a CPA providing small businesses with income tax and business advisory services since 1985. I have seen my share of random financial chaos. Planning for retirement and retirement calculators don't work well when you get to real time. The high cost of living and taxes can limit your options, and even if they don't, there is always boredom, fear, and anxiety that no amount of retirement planning can take into account.

Retirees also face significant hurdles because of a lack of options when it comes to sheltering income and getting legal tax write-offs. Many times, starting a small home-based business can change all of that. This site is all about learning how anyone can start, build and manage an online business. You can start your own company with little or no money, get immediate, legitimate tax write-offs and increase your monthly cash flow all while pursuing your passion and connecting with like-minded individuals all over the world.

No matter what your present situation, I'll show you EXACTLY how you can do it, Step-by-Step. From your initial idea to record keeping and filling out tax returns. Business opportunities and the ability to take control of your finances have never been more abundant. The time to act is now.

Joseph Dichiara CEO of Planning for Retirement baby boomers

  • New Business Startup Checklist Steps 4 & 5 of 10

    STEP 4 Planning For Retirement Prepare A  Schedule Of Monthly Business Expenses. Going back to fundamentals, you need to generate positive cash flow, which is not the same as generating revenue. Positive cash flow occurs when your revenue exceeds your expenses. Your net cash flow must cover your personal expenses. If these numbers don’t work, […]

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    1: NEW BUSINESS CHECKLIST – 1 OF 10 Failure is not an option, starting out on the right path is. A vast majority of business failures are the result of simply not knowing what you don’t know, what you need to know.. Most entrepreneurs face a rapid succession of crucial business decisions on subjects they […]

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  • What is Affiliate Marketing Business?

    Do you ever order from Amazon? The Affiliate Marketing business and learn affiliate marketing is an industry, period! Is it really? No, I think it’s a business model. Wait! No, it’s a referral business. Not really. What is it then? What’s the difference? Really? Why put a label on it when you can be in […]

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  • Reliable Wealthy Affiliate

    I have never done a product review but part of the training I’ve gotten from Wealthy Affiliate has shown me that they can be powerful and I can understand why. After buying a few items from Amazon it occurred to me that I don’t buy ANYTHING without checking out the reviews. The more reviews the […]

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  • Wealthy Affiliate Success

    I’ve wasted far too much money signing up for “Stuff” and never really following through. I think every entrepreneur/opportunity seeker experiences this. That’s why I know that by following my own 13 Success Principles getting Rich is inevitable. How and why is that? Because Success and Getting Rich is a Science. It’s not luck. “God […]

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  • Free Affiliate Marketing Really??

    NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! I became interested in free affiliate marketing when a friend of mine said he nets over $6,000 a month in affiliate sales. The thing is that he’s not really an affiliate marketer. Not a professional anyway. He simply has a “Resources” page on his website with links to other peoples stuff. […]

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